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Required uploading steps:
1) Music files must have mp3 bitrate of: 192k or better Anything less will not get uploaded to our DJ's.

2) Title each file with the:
artist name, song title & version of song

3) Please provide our DJ's with:
all available versions
(Dirty, Clean, Instrumental, & accapellas accepted)

4) For best results to display your image on our servers it should be at least: 280x360 image size
(only .gif or .jpg formats accepted)

For verification, feedback responses and all future support requests just search on Skype for "DJTechNasty"
add contact and message him directly.

One moment please ...

If your upload form doesn't display within a few seconds, please check the FAQ or contact us at hello@uploadthingy.com. We'd love to help out!